Guangzhou Zhongxin Auto Parts Co., Ltd., founded in 1981, is a private enterprise specializing in R & D and manufacturing of auto parts and body parts. Research, design and develop auto parts and body parts products in terms of safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, economy, comfort and personalized user needs. The product performance and technical level meet the technical standards of various vehicle manufacturers, so as to realize the renewal and sustainable development of products.


Supporting customers: GAC Honda, GAC Toyota, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Nissan, GAC Mitsubishi, GAC Fiat, GAC passenger cars, GAC AIAN and other large enterprises. The company has maintained steady growth for many years and has been a major taxpayer in Guangzhou over the years.

  • 1981


    The company was established in

  • 210000

    square meters

    Floor area of headquarters

  • 160000

    square meters

    Building area

  • 5





Engine assembly product

Hood assembly

Cylinder head assembly

Resonance box assembly

Auxiliary water tank

Washing water tank assembly

Expansion water tank assembly

Interior trim assembly product

Cover gp-steering shaft

Luggage compartment trim assembly

Rear door trim panel assembly

Front door trim panel assembly

Trim gp-tailgate

Luggage compartment partition

Left middle lower column assembly

Right middle lower column assembly

Coating assembly product

Front and rear shields of steering handle

Fender as-front

front of a building

Front cover

Body guard Decal assembly

Left and right rear door lower trim assemblies

Left and right main pipe guard

Left and right hanging boxes

Exterior decoration assembly product

Wheel center cover

Headlight cover

Front cover

Front fender

Center bracket

Rear center cover

Left / right cover

Left / right rear lining cover

Hollow assembly product

Rear right vent pipe

Rear left vent pipe

Intake Pipe Assembly

Control box assembly

Rear left air duct

Rear right air duct


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customer event photos

customer event photos

​​​​​​​On the basis of insisting on self-improvement and progress, Sino-Singapore Company actively participates in relevant improvement activities of customers, absorbs advanced management and innovation of OEMs Experience, for my use, to create a diversified management model that adapts to the unique culture of each OEM.



Our company participated in overseas training activities organized by Honda

From June 6th to 14th, 2013, GAC Honda and Dongben Engine jointly organized the 2012 overseas training activities for suppliers with excellent quality and quality. A total of 11 suppliers participated in this activity. Our vice president Zhang Kuanqiang was invited to participate in the training activity.



Our company held the fourth theme study meeting of GAC Toyota's on-site management improvement activities

On the afternoon of October 11, 2013, our company held the fourth theme study meeting of GAC Toyota's on-site management improvement activity. Three members of GAC Toyota's Datian Section Chief and the leaders of four brother manufacturers Fuyao, Xincheng, Shenya and Huade attended the meeting. Our on-site tour guide.



A group of 60 people from Wuyang Honda Takeshita visited our company

Our company has maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with Wuyang Honda. In October 2010, we signed the "Strategic Partnership Contract", and the two sides have established a deep friendship in long-term exchanges and cooperation. On October 21, 2013, the Wuyang-Honda plant held a ground-breaking ceremony for the second phase, inviting the government, shareholders, media, dealers, suppliers, etc. to participate. Our company was invited to be the venue for the outsourcing logistics and inspection exemption briefing after the Wuyang Honda groundbreaking ceremony.

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